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The Japan Youth Institute conducted a survey of Junior High and High School students in Japan, Korea, USA and France, comparing how they feel about marriage, society and future. The results were announced on Tuesday.

The survey found that only 20 percent of Japanese students think they need to get married, whereas 79 percent in the US, 51 percent in Korea and 30 percent even in France where marriage is considered rather free, answered marriage is needed.

Asked if they are satisfied with the society, more than half of Americans and French were satisfied but Korea marked 19 percent and in Japan only 9 percent of the students said that they were satisfied.

Questioned about the future, 86 percent of US, 71 of Korean and 64 of French students answered bright and hopeful, but only 34 percent in Japan see anything bright in their future.

Analysts at the institute surmised that Japanese students have no conscience to build their society, and therefore are strongly dissatisfied with the society.
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Japan Youth
Japanese Youth Sees Nothing But Black In Future