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He is with the Father now awaiting an appointed time known only by the Father, in which all people both dead and alive shall be judged.

The righteous to eternal life with God, the wicked to eternal torment and damnation separated from God.
Righteousness which results in salvation from death is obtained only through faith in the redemptive death of Jesus Christ.

Faith in Jesus Christ gives spiritual new birth and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to all believe.
The Holy Spirit is the comforter and teacher of all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, and is the guarantee of God's promise that all who believe will live.
Our faith and principles are derived and based upon the Bible which is God's direct communication to man concerning His will and purpose for us.

It is a finished book needing no further addendum or continuation and is completely sufficient for instruction and direction in matters of righteousness, holiness, godliness and salvation.

All believers are part of the Body of Jesus Christ known as the Church. The church local and worldwide is the center for the worship and learning of God and His Son Jesus Christ, the center for the ministering of Christians to one another, and is given the primary task of making disciples out of all nations and making the love of God in Christ Jesus known to all tribes and tongues.