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We believe:

There is one God
He is the only true and living God.
Jesus Christ is His Son, His only begotten Son.
He is spirit eternal, and is all powerful, all knowing and all present.
He is the creator of all things, thus all things belong to Him.

Jesus Christ is God in nature and being, and one with the Father.
God reveals Himself also through the Holy Spirit who, as the Father and Son, is God in every way both personally and spiritually.
They are one in person (not simply purpose), distinguishable yet inseparable, individually unique yet perfectly unified whether we comprehend it or not.

Man is the creation of God and belongs to God.
Man is created in God's spiritual image.
Man became spiritually separated from God by willful disobedience and sentenced to punishment of death.

God, because of His eternal love and mercy for man, sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for man.
Jesus Christ died on the cross at Calvary for man's redemption and three days later rose from the dead for man's justification
Jesus Christ lived a sinless, flawless, perfect life among men, serving them with humility and love by preaching the kingdom of God, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, curing the lame and setting people bound by the devil free.